Bioshock 2

I’ve already done a post about the first Bioshock, so I might as well continue on with them. The Bioshock games are some of my favorite games ever. The story of these games are so intriguing to me. Once again, you are back in Rapture. In Bioshock 2, you take on the role of a Big Daddy name subject Delta. Your little sister gets taken, and you get gunned down. After you finally come back to reality, it is many years ahead in the future, and your suit is outdated compared to the other current Big Daddy’s.

Throughout the game, Delta is just trying to find his daughter back, a.k.a, the little sister. Bioshock 2 is still filled with crazy splicers who want to take you down. The main enemy of the game is Eleanor Lamb. She is the one that took your daughter from you. She isn’t a splicer, but is still a vile woman. As Delta, you can still use plasmids, even as a Big Daddy.

Being as though you are a Big Daddy, Delta can use the huge and powerful guns that typical Big Daddies use. One of the most common weapons is a giant hand drill. A very powerful gun in the game is the spear gun. Delta is not a Big Daddy that you want to mess with, even for being an early prototype. A little backstory is the Big Daddies used to be normal human men. Now they are giant altered beings with most of their freewill taken away. Delta, however, was the first Big Daddy to have freewill returned to him, as well as being “connected” with his little sister.

If you were ever up in the air about playing this game, I would most definitely say to play it. You would be fine to play it out of order, but would probably be more worth it to play the first one before this. An interesting aspect of Bioshock 2 is that it offers multiplayer. In the multiplayer, you are a splicer facing other people who are also splicers.

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