I can almost guarantee that you have at least heard the quote “Would you kindly?” once during your times as a gamer. That quote stems from the first Bioshock. A character by the name of Atlas is always asking you that when he wants things done. I will start from the beginning so I don’t lose anybody on this crazy train. Bioshock starts out with your character, named Jack, that is on a plane that goes down into the ocean. When Jack escapes the plane, you must swim out the the lighthouse nearby. This isn’t an ordinary lighthouse, because it has an elevator that takes you down to a city in the ocean. Welcome to Rapture.

The city of Rapture is infested with crazy inhabitants, now known as splicers. Splicers are people who got hooked on ADAM, which is something that was used during the civil war of Rapture. ADAM allows those use it to take on plasmids, which are special powers such as telekinesis. These splicers are deformed and completely crazy. I would say that Bioshock could be considered a horror shooter. Splicers have been known to scare people, just by the way they act and come after you. As soon as you are seen by a splicer, you better be ready to fight.

As I mentioned above, the story follows Jack, who is mainly trying to find out why he is there while helping out Atlas at the same time. Right away, Jack is knocked out and injected with ADAM. Jack isn’t an addict like the splicers, but he now has the ability to harness the power of plasmids. While working your way out of Rapture, another goal is to track down Andrew Ryan. Ryan is the founder/leader of Rapture. Throughout the game, Atlas tells you about how Ryan is a monster, but I will let you play it and decide for yourself.

Rapture is a very dangerous place, and Splicers aren’t the only enemy that you have to worry about. Big Daddy’s are a force to be reckoned with, if you decide to attack them, that is. Big Daddy’s protect little sister’s, which are little girls that have been mutated and trained to harvest ADAM from people. To get to the little sister, you will have to take down the Big Daddy. When you get to the little sister, your choice is to either save her from her mutation by turning her back to normal, or you can harvest them for all of their ADAM. Be careful with the choices that you make in Bioshock, because there is more than one ending.

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