Borderlands is one of those games that I have been playing since it has came out. It is an FPS with a comic style for the graphics. It follows four vault hunters that turned up on the planet of Pandora to try and find some awesome loot. Unfortunately, Pandora is filled with crazy bandits and ferocious creatures that want to take you down.

You can choose one of the four vault hunters to play as. The characters are: Roland, Brick, Lilith, and Mordecai. Roland is a commando that has a portable turret to throw out. Brick is the berserker whose power is to go into a fist fury of rage. Lilith is a siren with special fire and speed powers. Lastly is Mordecai, who has a pet named Bloodwing to help take out enemies for him. Each of these characters have their own skill trees to build upon and choose what upgrades to have.

As I had slightly mentioned, these characters are vault hunters. They are going for a legendary vault that is supposed to have the best loot in it to get them rich. Just be warned that there will be a lot of things standing in your way. The Crimson Raiders are a group of trained soldiers that are only a small fraction of what will try and kill you. Creatures by the name of Skags are in abundance where you are, and they come in many shapes and sizes. One of the most annoying creatures around are Rakk. Rakks are a flying menace that refuse to leave you alone by continuous dive bombing.

Borderlands offers a long campaign to play through for hours of comedy/action entertainment. If you finish the game and need more story to play in this game, there are four different DLCs to choose from. I should mention that not only is Borderlands a great game to play solo, but you can have three other friends to join you in your endeavors. Either way, Borderlands is an incredible game that will always be one of my all time favorites.

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