Outlast is an incredible and unique horror game. It is a first person game where you cannot fight back. Your only option is to either outrun the enemy, or hide. Outlast leaves you feeling helpless, in a way, because you can’t fight back. The only thing that you are equipped with is a camera with night vision, and you only have a limited amount of batteries.

Outlast takes place when you get an email from someone who is trying to get you, a journalist, to expose what is going on at Mount Massive Asylum. When your character Miles shows up, everything in the asylum has gone crazy. All of the guards at the asylum have been eliminated, and the inhabitants of the asylum have been let lose.

Miles enters the asylum, but quickly gets trapped in by one of the main bad guys, Chris Walker. Chris is a giant of a man who is also ex military. When Miles realizes that he cannot get out from where he came in at, he must delve deeper in Mount Massive. There are all kinds of crazy and demented people running around Mount Massive. Do whatever you must to try and get out of there alive. The game is actually decent length for being an indie horror game. Outlast can deliver scares for pretty much the entire time that you are playing the game.

This game can get very horrific. I would have to say that this a game for those of you who are true horror fanatics. If you are someone who despises anything horror, I would probably stay away from this game if I were you. In all of my days of watching and playing things that involve horror, this game definitely takes the cake. It is very immersive and intense, with a bunch of twists and turns along the way to keep you guessing.

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