Overwatch, a very popular game right now at the time of righting this. It seems to be in debate whether Overwatch is more of a MOBA or an FPS. Regardless, it is a very fun game to play if you are alright with multiplayer only games. This game provides a wide variety of characters to choose from, along with having their own special abilities and weapons. The characters are separated with four classes: offense, defense, tank, and support. Offense characters are straight up attack characters. Defense characters are those who can deploy traps and things of the sort. Tanks are heavy hitting characters that are a force to be reckoned with. Last but not least, support characters are those who can heal and shield teammates.

This is one of those games that probably won’t lose its appeal for quite some time. A nice thing about this game is that Blizzard provides all of the DLC for free. That is where a lot of games get you nowadays with all of the extra content that you have to pay for if you even want to think about playing. Blizzard, however, is actually very generous with this game.

Overwatch is a perfect game to get a bunch of buddies together to play with. You don’t have to play with friends, because there is always other people who are playing by themselves too, so finding a game shouldn’t be hard if you are playing solo. Whichever way you decide to go with this, Overwatch is a fantastic game. There is enough variety in the game to keep things interesting for quite some time. Overwatch is actually big enough to be a part of the esports scene. That just goes to show how big of a following this game actually has, and will probably continue to have.

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