Portal and Portal 2

Here are two games that I have developed a love for, the Portal games. I will start off by talking about the first Portal. This game is really short if you know what you are doing, because there are only 19 test chambers with some other additional stuff that I won’t go into to avoid spoilers. The plot of this game is that you are a test subject named Chell, who is stuck in Aperture Science Labs doing dangerous tests for a sinister robot named GLaDOS.

In these tests, you have a portal gun that shoots orange and blue portals. You use these portals to pass all of the tests that come your way. The only other company that you have, besides for GLaDOS, is a bunch of adorable turrets that try and kill you. I know, that doesn’t sound very adorable, but just wait until you hear them talk. The chambers that you go through won’t always be a walk in the park. Some of the tests are very hard, and they will definitely require some serious thinking the first time going through the game.

For Portal 2, I won’t reinvent the wheel and explain the portal gun, as well as re-explain Chell and GLaDOS. You are still Chell, who happens to find herself in even more tests. The main difference that there is, characters wise, is another robot named Wheatley. Wheatley is a hilarious robot who ends up being pretty power hungry. Yet another crazy robot with yet another series of tests. Portal 2 is a whole lot longer than the first one

If you are not one that wants to play solo, Portal 2 actually offers a separate multiplayer specific campaign. In the multiplayer campaign, you are two robots  named Atlas and P Body. The tests conducted are ran by GLaDOS. In these tests, cooperation is key. It will take you and whoever you play with to put your heads together.

Puzzle games are something that can be really fun, but end up very boring if not done correctly. Valve does a great job on delivering a very fun and interactive game. If you like puzzle games with a little humor mixed in, I would have to tell you to give this a shot. Even if you do not like puzzle games, still give it a try, because you might just fall in love with these games like I quickly did.

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