“I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee.” That is a quote from Skyrim that blew up after it was first heard. It is now referenced throughout various games. If you get this game, I hope you don’t have anything going on for about two years, because this game is massive. It is an open world first or third person game, depending on what you prefer. The map is giant, and there are so many different missions that you can do.

You are a dragon born, which has the ability to speak in dragon tongue. It was also thought that dragons didn’t exist, until they reappeared one day. This is when you find out that you are a dragon born. For starters, you are allowed to choose from any of the available races and then customize them to your liking. Each race has their own thing that they specialize in. However, you could be an Orc mage if you really wanted to. Nothing is stopping you from doing that.

The main quest line of this game is to go and stop the evil dragon that has come back and plagued Skyrim with evil dragons. If you don’t even want to do the main quest line, then don’t do it. There are a lot of side quest lines to do. If you don’t want to do quests at all, just go around slaying all the enemies that get in your way. I should also mention that there are a few different guilds that you can join too, each having their own perks.

There is a leveling system in Skyrim, and that includes adding skill points to skill trees that you are working on. There are many different skill trees in this game as well. Nothing is made easy for us, it seems. For example, there is a skill tree for forging weapons/armor. There is a skill tree for destructive magic. My advice to you is to just try and find a few things that you like and stay improving them. Skyrim can get very overwhelming with how much there is to do, but just try and ease into it the best that you can.

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