Terraria is a game from some of the minds who made Minecraft. However, this game is far better in my opinion. Terraria is a 2D side scrolling game where you can still build a mansion, and craft all of your weapon needs. The unique thing about this game is the whole enemy aspect of it. There is a huge variety of enemies, probably because there are so many different areas as well.

Each area will generally have its own specific enemies. For example, if you are in the jungle biome, there will be giant bees. If you are in the ice biome, zombies will be dressed up in snow gear. This game can also fulfill the need of being a completionist, for those of you out there who like to get everything 100%. To start off the game, you are put into a pre-hardmode game. If you are wanting to progress to hardmode, seven bosses must be defeated first. I suggest that you go and explore to find chests filled with great armor and weapons before taking on some of these bosses.

When all bosses are defeated, you will then be given the option to move up to the hard difficulty. Although there isn’t another level of difficulty after hardmode, more difficult bosses are still present to take down. In total, there will be 8 bosses to defeat in this difficulty. If all of those bosses don’t fulfill your need to slay some monsters, there will always be event bosses that come around on certain dates.

Monsters aren’t the only awesome thing about this game, though. As I mentioned, there are many different areas to explore both above and below the surface. On the above surface alone, there is a total of seven biomes. Ranging from forests, all the way to the ocean. In the caverns, there is a total of of four biomes. If you are looking for something deeper than all of that, you may venture down to the underworld if you dare. One can always go to space, too, but there isn’t a whole lot up there. Now you may be thinking that there are a lot of biomes in this game, which you would be correct, but there are even more areas such as treasure rooms and ¬†and “Mini Biomes.”

I realize that since Terraria is a side scrolling game, it may not be for everybody. Another thing I realize is that not everyone likes Minecraft, so just the thought of it being developed by the same people may not appeal to you. However, I highly believe that everyone should try this just once. Shortly after I started to play the game, I was beyond hooked. So if you are someone who is looking for an exploration game, this one is for you.

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